This is the time...
This is the time of my life.
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Hey! I'm Dave Karofsky. Thanks for stopping by. Some of you guys might know me by my book "Fields of Courage" that I just got published, but when I'm not an author, I'm a full time grad student at UC Berkeley going for my Ph.D in English, and a Teaching Assistant there. I taught my first undergrad English class this fall, and am getting ready to start my second quarter of teaching, and grad school work. Don't be a stranger....I try to be around when I can!


Thank you! Oh yeah? I take it that’s going well then? At least you’re nearly done!


Yeah, I’d say so overall. But yeah for sure, I’m looking forward to a break for a few months, even if I’ll be working and writing a lot more.

Text || Sam

Sam: I can definitely squeeze. You know I love your cuddles.
Dave: Good, I can't wait. It's gonna be so good to see you again.


Sounds good, hope it stays that way. The family is good, finally getting that nice weather in New York so I spent the day with the fam hang outside.


That’s awesome, enjoy it, I remember how stoked I was about that when it happened. Got any plans with them for the summer?

Text || Sam

Dave: So I think I can sneak down to you this weekend, finally. Think you could squeeze me in?

puckisbadass said: 

Chilling, and you?

Pretty much the same, everything’s been pretty good lately for the most part. How’s the family?


I’m doing well, Dave, thank you! How are you?


Awesome, good to hear. Doing pretty good myself, just getting through the end of the semester mostly. 

Coming up, a nice couple of days


I’m not complaining at all, that’s for sure. I will, and I hope you get to enjoy the weekend too Dave. I’ve been great, things couldn’t be better. What’s new with you?


I bet. Thanks, I did, it was slow but it was a good one. Awesome, I’m glad they are. Not too much I guess, just finishing up on the last month of classes or so. 

04/11/2020, 5:32 pm PST
To: karofskyd@berkeley.edu
From: glaussnerh@berkeley.edu 
Subject:  Faculty Visit

Hello Dave, 

As we did last semester, with the end of the semester nearing, faculty members from the English department will be coming into your classroom to review your teaching. We encourage you to let your students know in advance, but as we have reviewed with you, this is not for the undergraduates, but to evaluate your abilities as an instructor. One of the head members of faculty will be sitting in on one of your classes this coming Tuesday, so please be prepared for that. We wish you and your students well and hope you have a good finish to the year. 

Horace Glaussner 

  • Head of Faculty 
  • Department of English
  • University of California, Berkeley

It’s been a while since I checked in, so I figured I should. How is everyone?


Text || Kurt

Kurt: Yeah, seriously. And now El brought home a cat that just keeps shedding everywhere and it's a nightmare. But I've been working with a promotions agency and while it's stressful, they're helping me out with everything.
Kurt: Just okay? I never did ask you, how's Berkeley?
Dave: Oh wow, that's gotta be driving you a little nuts. But sounds like you've got a good thing going for yourself then, even it it's stressful. Hopefully it's worth it. I'm happy for you.
Dave: Berkeley is great, I love it out here. The school is a perfect fit for me really, I think I needed a break from the big city thing.